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Ad Posting Guidelines

Posting guidelines and code of conduct

We want this community to be a fun and safe place where people can connect with each other and freely explore their sexuality. We aim to make this a great community where you are welcomed with open arms and are not judged by your appearances, sexual orientation, or disability.

That being said, we will not allow this exploration to come at the price or safety of anyone else. Its sad, but a few bad people can and do ruin it for everyone. Because of that we must all abide by certain rules and guidelines to keep using the service. This is not another version of the other personals sites, so please don’t assume the same rules apply here.

First and foremost, we encourage you to express who you are. That being said, some fantasies/content can turn illegal and/or libelous if they are put forth in writing. Because of that, we will moderate content for things that may be construed as / allude to doing something illegal.


We do not tolerate any kind of fake accounts on Your profile must be really of you, and must be for dating purposes. Creating a fake account will get your main account as well as the fake account(s) banned.


You must be 18 to use We do not allow minors to use Although all profiles only allow you to enter an age over 18, sometimes people will lie about their age. If you suspect a profile of being made by someone who is under 18, please report them to us.


Warning! Do not put a phone number or email address in your ad title. Your ad will be removed and may also get you banned.


Warning! Do not put a phone number or email address in your ad description. Your ad will be removed and may also get you banned.


Content relating to therapeutic services or any service is strictly not allowed. It is impossible to determine intent from these ads.


If you wouldn’t say it to someone you just met in person, you shouldn’t be saying it online. Messages should be respectful, appropriate, honest, and kind. We don’t tolerate “negging” (insulting statements disguised as “flirting”) or other rude behavior. This expectation also includes interactions with staff. People found to be sending harassing messages will be banned.


We take the truth of everyone’s inalienable rights very seriously. Our belief in them has acted as our inspiration since our founding. We proudly stand rooted in inclusivity. There is no room for hate in a place where you’re looking for love.


Any content relating to incest (including roleplaying it) is strictly not allowed.


Content that is violent, forceful, abusive, hurtful, harassing or offensive to anyone else, including yourself is not allowed. We understand that some of you are into kink – we get it. However, this is not a place specifically dedicated to kink, so please be very respectful of that.


We don’t allow the sharing, distribution, or selling of illegal drugs on our site.


It should go without saying, but discussion or promotion of anything illegal is not allowed and will result in getting you banned. This includes illegal sexual acts, drug dealing, fraud, threats, or anything else that is against the law. We do not tolerate any kind of discussion about underage sex.


Beastiality, sex with animals is STRICTLY not allowed.


Warning! Naked pictures is not allowed.


Photos should be of you or pictures you’ve taken (elsewhere). We do not allow any photos with full nudity or overly sexual photos even if there is no full nudity (such as bedroom lingerie shots, kink photos, etc).

We also do not allow any hateful imagery (white power/ nazi images, racist meme photos, etc). This will get you banned. Any photos of anything overly violent, offensive, illegal, disturbing, or otherwise inappropriate for a dating site will be removed and may also get you banned.


Genitalia photos is not allowed.


These are meant to be local postings. Posting in areas not local to you will likely get your ad rejected. Posting in multiple cities at once will likely get you banned from the service.

Finally, please remember that you are ultimately dealing with strangers from the internet. Please be cautious and safe. Also be very aware of any one asking for money from you. There are a lot of scams all over the internet. Do not share your financial information with anyone or provide any form of payment. Please be smart and careful.

We are working hard to stop spammers will be rolling out an elegant solution very shortly.


Please help us by reporting anything or anyone that does not follow our community guidelines.

While our community guidelines cover most instances of moderator action, it is not an exhaustive list, and we do retain the right to ban anyone from for any reason if we see fit.

Enjoy the site and thank you for being awesome!